Sport Nutrition Consultation




This consultation is an hour in length, with weekly email follow ups all the way through to your race week, and is personalized for the athlete who is training for an upcoming endurance event. It is best suited for the athlete who has already been following a training and racing fueling plan and who may need just a few tweaks to make it optimal. We will discuss the best fueling practices for pre/post/during training and racing and write a fueling plan based upon what works best for the athlete. This is a highly interactive consultation. We aim to teach the athlete what to use, why to use it and how it will effect their overall performance verses just writing a plan and handing it over. If you need a more in depth Nutrition plan that follows you through to race week, please contact us before purchasing.

*This consultation is best done roughly 6 weeks out from  your A race* If you are within 6 weeks, please contact us before purchasing*