Small Group Coaching


Small Group Coaching for 3-5 Athletes



This small group Coaching is for 3-5 athletes who would like to bring their resources together and meet with a Coach all at the same time. You can chose swim/bike/run/strength/race nutrition/training plan review, or any other topic you chose to review. We have done Mock-Tri’s, Skills sessions, have gone grocery shopping with athletes, have held open water swim sessions- this is truly customized to what you need. PLEASE READ BELOW FOR PURCHASE INFORMATION.

*The price listed is *per person.* One person will need to purchase the appropriate number of packages for your entire group. For example, if you ┬áhave 4 people in your group, ONE person would purchase 4 “small group coaching” packages from Team Soul Sports and the remaining three athletes would then reimburse the purchasing athlete. Location and event will be determined with your chosen Coach prior to purchasing.*