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West Palm Beach, Florida

Education and Certifications:

  • BS in Exercise Physiology from Southern Connecticut State University
  • MS in Sport Management from the University of Connecticut
  • USA Triathlon Level I Certified Coach
  • USA Triathlon Certified Youth and Junior Coach
  • USA Cycling Level III Certified Coach
  • American College of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer
  • Endurance Coach for the United States Military Endurance Sports Team
  • Functional Movement Systems Certified
  • TRX Group Training Instructor
  • TriggerPoint Performance Therapy Ambassador
  • Red Cross Certified Lifeguard
  • US Masters Swim Instructor Level 1

Nicole Boger

“Coaching is what I know, what I love, and what I was meant to do with my life.”

As the founder of Team Soul Sports, and with 26 years in the health & fitness profession, Nicole has worked with all levels of athletes from beginners to Team USA endurance athletes, Ironman Triathletes and Ultra Runners. Nicole now coaches beginner to Elite athletes who are determined, dedicated and driven to succeed.  As a wife, mom, military spouse, collegiate athlete, and competitive endurance athlete, Nicole started Team Soul Sports in 2003 as a personal training / strength and conditioning company and then expanded into an endurance sports coaching company in early 2011.

Early on, Nicole was an All Conference and All State athlete in high school and went on to play college basketball. She held the class M school record for discus and was known to hit a pretty strong ball in field hockey. During those years, so was also a swim instructor, lifeguard, strength and conditioning Coach and personal trainer. She started formally coaching when she was 14…and never looked back.

Her success today comes from many years spent in competitive athletics, and a deep passion for both sport and coaching others.

Nicole graduated from Southern Connecticut State University with a degree in Exercise Science / Human Performance and from the University of Connecticut with a masters degree in Sport Management.

Nicole’s early professional success came as a Physical Education Instructor for the United States Coast Guard Academy where she used her experience and education to develop the testing, training and grading protocols for the physical fitness programs for both the academy and the Officer Candidate school. She worked with Cadets as a strength and conditioning Coach, remedial fitness instructor, anatomy and physiology teacher, swim instructor and survival at sea instructor. She re-wrote the United States Coast Guard Academy’s physical fitness standards, improved the graduation rates of the remedial fitness program and increased the fitness scores of both incoming Officer Candidates and graduating Cadets. During this time, she coached, trained and mentored student athletes to become better versions of themselves. Today, Nicole has coached athletes for all five branches of the military and is one of the original Affiliate coaches for the US Military Endurance Sports Team.

Later success came as the Director of Performance for Podium Performance and Recovery. At PPR, Nicole performed Exercise Physiology testing such as Vo2 max testing and lactate threshold testing, wrote strength and conditioning programs, wrote endurance training programs, taught swim/bike/run sessions, lead camps/clinics, and helped build a program that was on one of only three of it’s kind in all of Florida.

Nicole then went on to start a gym based business called Tribox. Tribox was the first of it’s kind, a dedicated strength and conditioning facility for endurance athletes. Here Nicole wrote strength programs for endurance athletes, lead group cycling classes, taught proper technique and form in swim/bike/run, held national camps and clinics for endurance athletes, and performed exercise physiology testing and assessments. Tribox quickly become a leader in the industry and a go-to for strength and conditioning for endurance athletes.

Her success as a Coach not only comes from the community around her,  but from her education, experience and the balance between understanding both the art and the science of coaching. Nicole has hands on knowledge, expertise in the field and the formal education to help her athletes achieve goals they once thought were impossible.

Throughout it all, Nicole has lead a passionate and dedicated Team of coaches and athletes to a forefront in endurance coaching. With Expert coaches, and a team of amazing athletes, Team Soul Sports is now going on 17 years strong!

Six Questions for Nicole

What is your favorite race? Tough Question! I love races and events that push my limits. The IronHorse Endurance Run, 50 miler was pretty amazing. It was my first ultra and my husband crewed for me- we really learned how to race as a husband/wife Team.
What do you love most about coaching? What don’t I love? I love teaching, I love learning, I love watching our athletes gain self confidence and seeing them smile as they reach goals they once thought were impossible to attain. Being in front of athletes is where I feel most comfortable and at ease.
What is your favorite post race food? Hmm….whatever is at the buffet is fine with me! I’ll chose some protein, some carbs..or maybe just pizza. It all depends on what looks good at that moment. Post training- it’s a quick recovery drink, then iced coffee during the drive home.
Which quote has inspired you most? When deciding to attend graduate school, I was given some words of wisdom “your education is the one thing no one can ever take away from you”….and that stuck with me. I decided to attend graduate school and continue to grab every opportunity for learning that comes my way.
What do you do in your “free” time? “free time?”…I don’t have much of that! I play and have chill time with my family. We love watersports, the beach, the mountains…really anything that involves water or sports, we’re doing it.
What is your next big training/racing goal? I would love to tackle a 100 mile Ultra run. I’ve successfully coached athletes for this event, but I’ve yet to do one myself. They hurt, and you need to be 100% mentally ready for the challenge. It’ll happen…one day.