coach crystal lewis finishing a race

Contact Crystal

Jupiter, Florida

Education and Certifications:

  • USA Triathlon Certified Coach
  • National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified Personal Trainer – NSCA-CPT
  • Certified Personal Trainer Specialist – CPTS – Fitness Institute International
  • 2006 Trainer of the Year – Fitness Institute International
  • United States Masters Swimming – USMS Level 2 Swim Coach
  • USA Cycling Coach Level 3 Certified
  • BIKE Instructor Level 2 Certified Coach (Mountain Biking)

Crystal Lewis

“I was a originally a computer programmer for about 20 years at Hughes Aircraft and then FPL.  When the department was outsourced I decided to try doing what I loved the most: being active and helping others. So, in 2005, I decided to get my Personal Training Certificate from the National Strength and Conditioning Association.  I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure if personal training was for me, computers and people are two completely different things.

In 2006, Fitness Institute International selected me as their Trainer of the Year.  I was the first trainer ever selected for that honor after only 1 year of being certified.  I was selected by a board of international members.  I had quickly discovered how much I love helping people to be active and healthy.  I love learning new things and figuring out how to help my clients achieve their goals safely while making it interesting and fun.

I got into triathlons because I had some orthopedic issues which kept me from doing most of the other activities I liked so I discovered swimming. I loved swimming and started doing the swim portion of relays in triathlons.  As I got to know triathletes, I discovered what a supportive, fun, nonjudgmental (for the most part) community of really great people they are.  That’s it, I was hooked.   I was fortunate to do some coaching with a local youth triathlon group, the Jaguars.  Kids are so fun to work with and I get to see them grow from year to year.  By then I was also the Fitness Director for a few of the local country clubs and I incorporated triathlon events and training at the country clubs.  I was also fortunate enough to coach at a Peak Performance Swim Camp, a Nike swim camp for young athletes from all over the world, many looking to eventually go to the Olympics.

One of my favorite things to do are Open Water Swim Clinics for anyone that is afraid or has anxiety in the swim.  I love to show them that they can do it and have fun, no matter what the conditions are.  It’s been a natural progression into triathlon coaching for me; it’s really an extension of my personal training background.”

Six Questions for Crystal

What is your favorite race? St. Anthony’s. It’s a great venue and well run.  It’s impossible not to have a good time and enjoy yourself, no matter how you do in the race!
What do you love most about coaching? I love the moment a client realizes that anything is possible, or they achieved a goal they thought was impossible.  It’s so empowering for them and spills over into all aspects of their life.  I may be the guide and point the way, but they are the ones doing the work.
What is your favorite post race food? Sonic breakfast sandwich and a shake!
Which quote has inspired you most? “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are right.”  — Henry Ford
The mind is amazing and that’s where it starts and ends.
What do you do in your “free” time? Ha Ha Ha, oh, you were serious.  I’ve discovered mountain biking which is so fun!
What is your next big training/racing goal? I’m all about the journey, so it depends on my friends.  If a lot of them want to do a race or event, I can be peer pressured into it.  I want to stay fit and active so I incorporate my social life into it.  There is talk of Ironman Vineman in 2017, it could happen.