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Education and Certifications:


USAT Level I

USMS Level 1 & 2

USAC Level 3

Certified Personal Trainer

Bryan Merritt

Coach Bryan brings many years coaching experience to Team Soul Sports. In his “earlier” years, he was a collegiate soccer player played semi-pro volleyball for Team 7-UP. His focus for the last 10 years has been on multi-sport training and racing. He is a 3 time Iron distance triathlon completer and has completed nearly every distance of running/cycling/triathlon race that is offered. He is a multi-year USAT Nationals qualifier.

Bryan is a Certified Personal Trainer and a Level 2 US Masters Swim coach. He has trained hundreds of athletes through the Leukemia and Lymphoma’s Team In Training program to go from the couch to become endurance athletes. He is known as Coach McTorture by his athletes for his ability to put together “pleasantly hard” trainings. His experiences have allowed him to work with first time endurance athletes to potential Boston Marathon qualifiers.

Six Questions for Bryan

What is your favorite race? I’m kind of A.D.D. when it comes to races, so my favorite race changes A LOT! My current fav’s are Obstacle Course racing and Super Sprint Triathlons and anything off-road.
What do you love most about coaching? I love the AHA moment that athletes have. That is the moment when the work that we have accomplished as a coach and athlete finally comes to the surface. Whether it’s an athletes new skill, new PR, race completed, tears shed in accomplishment or just finding a way to help them finish, is what coaching is about to me.
What is your favorite post race food? Most races I find it very difficult to eat afterward, but some way or somehow, I can ALWAYS eat potato chips!
Which quote has inspired you most? “There is no certainty in life, and those that are 100% certain by definition are a fool.” – Unknown
What do you do in your “free” time? Free time, hmmm that doesn’t happen very often with a competitive gymnast in the house, and my training, and my work with LLS, and coaching, and and and and and……..but I can always channel surf…do my wife’s dismay.
What is your next big training/racing goal? I love to try new things. So I am working on building a big aerobic base, since most of my training/racing has been very anaerobic. This is using HR at a VERY low level and maintaining that HR for all trainings. Man is that HARD!