Soul Sports is a TEAM of non-ego driven athletes who have the desire to improve their training and racing and have FUN while doing it. We offer fully customized Run and Triathlon training, racing, strength and conditioning, and nutrition guidance for every race distance, from a 5k race to a full 140.6 Ironman Triathlon. We strive to offer you the BEST coaching, not build the biggest Team. We keep our yearly roster small so you have a Coach who knows exactly who you are, your training schedule, your racing schedule, your strengths, your weaknesses and who can truly tailor a program that’s built around YOU. We are a TEAM who supports each other, pushes each other and who has fun TRAINING & RACING. We have HEART, we have SOUL. We do what we LOVE and we LOVE what we do. Our customized training plans center around the Fundamental Five: Endurance, Strength, Nutrition, Recovery and FUN. Soul Sports isn’t for everyone, but if you want to be a faster, happy, healthy, successful, balanced athlete, then this is the TEAM for you!