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Recovery vs Rest. Does this sound like YOU?   ~As triathlon and endurance sports become year round events, many athletes want to compress more and more events into the same amount of time.   *Many athletes continually think that MORE is BETTER.*   Sometimes it is…most times it is...

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What a great open water swim clinic! Thank you Boca Raton Triathletes and Women For Tri for bringing the efforts to grow the numbers of female triathletes, back to the local community. Grassroots works, and we’re proud to be a part of this amazing community. Coach Nicole and Coach...

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Top FIVE tips for racing a warm weather event:   1) Hydrate with an electrolyte drink from lunchtime to dinnertime the night before a race or long training day. Use it in place of water. Use a product that you’ve used in the past that you know works. Don’t...

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Coach Nicole Boger was selected as March women of the month by USAT Florida Region. “Nicole is an accomplished triathlete, coach, wife, and mother who has dedicated her life to the sport of triathlon. She consistently is giving back to the community and goes above and beyond. She is...

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