By: Nicole Boger On: November 15, 2017 In: Education, Motivation Comments: 0

Master The Race Map out a solid race day strategy to avoid mishaps and accomplish your goals.   You’ve worked hard on your long runs, hard training sessions and recovery efforts. Now it’s time to plan out the moments of your race day. Start charting your plan one week...

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By: Nicole Boger On: August 18, 2016 In: Education, Motivation Comments: 0

A few months ago, my beloved Garmin 910 finally went to Tech heaven. Over the past 6 years, we’ve had many many miles together. We’ve shared triumphs, pain, suffering and plenty of exhilaration together. But….at $150+ to fix, it just wasn’t worth saving her (him?). It wasn’t a big...

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By: Nicole Boger On: April 28, 2016 In: Announcements, Motivation Comments: 0

Local South Florida athletes, we are very excited to announce that starting May 2nd we will now have Group Training options for out local (Amazing) Triathlete community. Hands in the Air, say YEAH!! For all the details, visit: https://www.teamsoulsports.com/product/soul-squad/ Tip: do you know that by training with a group...

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By: Nicole Boger On: March 05, 2016 In: Motivation Comments: 0

We all do it. It’s that voice in your head right before the gun goes off. Or the quiet time at the edge of the water before everyone assembles. Here are 5 keys to making the most of your pre-race pep talk: Keep it simple, clear, meaningful and powerful....

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