By: Nicole Boger On: May 03, 2016 In: Education Comments: 0

Ok! On the count of 3, everybody JUMP! As Triathletes, we often know how fast we are running or biking without using our watches. We can then pace ourselves accordingly. But unless you come from a competitive swim background, most Triathletes have no idea how fast they are swimming...

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By: Nicole Boger On: April 08, 2016 In: Community Events, Education Comments: 0

We love this photo! As an Affiliate Coach for the US Military Endurance Sports Team, http://usmes.org/, and a sponsored athlete for team TriggerPoint, Team Soul Sports Coach Nicole lead the athletes through one great recovery session. Want to learn the proper way to foam roll? Contact us! We love to hold...

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By: Nicole Boger On: April 06, 2016 In: Education Comments: 0

Do you know the rules of competition? 1) How quickly must you fall back if you get passed on the bike? 2) Can your spouse help you fix a flat tire right outside of transition? 3) Do you really have to wear your race number while on the bike?...

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