By: Nicole Boger On: June 22, 2016 In: Announcements, Community Events, Education Comments: 0

Fear and Anxiety in the open water is common among triathletes. We’ve ALL had it happen. The gun goes off and WHAM the heart rate spikes, we can’t breath, people are swimming over us, and then we start getting nervous, worried, and afraid. Those first few minutes of the...

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By: Nicole Boger On: May 16, 2016 In: Community Events Comments: 0

Where was ‪Team Soul Sports last year? Everywhere! ~Here’s some the bigger races we were at in 2015. Check our calendar for events in 2016- we will be in even more places, all around the nation! Boston 13.1 Chicago 26.2 New York 26.2 Minneapolis 26.2 Savannah 26.2 The Rut Run...

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By: Nicole Boger On: May 11, 2016 In: Announcements, Community Events Comments: 0

Want to be part of something amazing? Come watch these ladies conquer their first Tri! This is the Boca Raton Triathletes, Women’s Initiative group. Team Soul Sports was invited to present a lecture on mental skills for training & racing. We spoke about confidence, imagery, coping skills, excitement….and how...

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By: Nicole Boger On: April 26, 2016 In: Community Events Comments: 0

Team Soul Sports rocked the house at Run From the Rays 5k! FOUR PR’s and one heck of a good time. Thank you to all who helped plan this race: it’s certainly a local south Florida favorite. Nathan Nachlas from Team Soul Sports and his wife, Fran Nachlas hosted...

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By: Nicole Boger On: April 20, 2016 In: Community Events Comments: 0

Congratulations to all the amazing children and families who participated in the 1st ever Boca Raton Youth Triathlon! ‪#‎teamsoulsports‬ had 5 kids racing and 8 parents volunteering. We love to race…but we also LOVE to give back to the local community. Congrats to all!

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By: Nicole Boger On: April 08, 2016 In: Community Events, Education Comments: 0

We love this photo! As an Affiliate Coach for the US Military Endurance Sports Team, http://usmes.org/, and a sponsored athlete for team TriggerPoint, Team Soul Sports Coach Nicole lead the athletes through one great recovery session. Want to learn the proper way to foam roll? Contact us! We love to hold...

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By: Sean Tibor On: February 28, 2016 In: Community Events Comments: 0

The Team Soul Sports Momma Bear showing the group it IS possible to juggle Mom life with Sport Life. “Do you like going to Mommy’s races?” and “what do you like about racing?”….his answers were “yes” and “waking up early”, “the food” and the “medals at the finish line”….our...

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