By: Nicole Boger On: June 29, 2016 In: Education Comments: 1

Are YOU focusing on being the best athlete you can be? The top 10 things to focus on 24 hours a day, every day, to be a Winner.   Nutrition. What we eat directly effects how we recover and how we perform. Chose your foods wisely. Sleep. Sleep is...

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By: Nicole Boger On: June 24, 2016 In: Education Comments: 0

When you go into a training session, there should be a reason, purpose and end goal to that session. If you are following a training program, each session should be in a certain order focusing on building the appropriate energy system, while reaching important milestones along the way. It’s...

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By: Nicole Boger On: June 22, 2016 In: Announcements, Community Events, Education Comments: 0

Fear and Anxiety in the open water is common among triathletes. We’ve ALL had it happen. The gun goes off and WHAM the heart rate spikes, we can’t breath, people are swimming over us, and then we start getting nervous, worried, and afraid. Those first few minutes of the...

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By: Nicole Boger On: June 15, 2016 In: Uncategorized Comments: 0

What a great open water swim clinic! Thank you Boca Raton Triathletes and Women For Tri for bringing the efforts to grow the numbers of female triathletes, back to the local community. Grassroots works, and we’re proud to be a part of this amazing community. Coach Nicole and Coach...

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By: Nicole Boger On: June 01, 2016 In: Education, Uncategorized Comments: 0

Top FIVE tips for racing a warm weather event:   1) Hydrate with an electrolyte drink from lunchtime to dinnertime the night before a race or long training day. Use it in place of water. Use a product that you’ve used in the past that you know works. Don’t...

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By: Nicole Boger On: May 23, 2016 In: Uncategorized Comments: 0

Coach Nicole Boger was selected as March women of the month by USAT Florida Region. “Nicole is an accomplished triathlete, coach, wife, and mother who has dedicated her life to the sport of triathlon. She consistently is giving back to the community and goes above and beyond. She is...

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By: Nicole Boger On: May 16, 2016 In: Community Events Comments: 0

Where was ‪Team Soul Sports last year? Everywhere! ~Here’s some the bigger races we were at in 2015. Check our calendar for events in 2016- we will be in even more places, all around the nation! Boston 13.1 Chicago 26.2 New York 26.2 Minneapolis 26.2 Savannah 26.2 The Rut Run...

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By: Nicole Boger On: May 11, 2016 In: Announcements, Community Events Comments: 0

Want to be part of something amazing? Come watch these ladies conquer their first Tri! This is the Boca Raton Triathletes, Women’s Initiative group. Team Soul Sports was invited to present a lecture on mental skills for training & racing. We spoke about confidence, imagery, coping skills, excitement….and how...

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By: Nicole Boger On: May 03, 2016 In: Education Comments: 0

Ok! On the count of 3, everybody JUMP! As Triathletes, we often know how fast we are running or biking without using our watches. We can then pace ourselves accordingly. But unless you come from a competitive swim background, most Triathletes have no idea how fast they are swimming...

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By: Nicole Boger On: April 28, 2016 In: Announcements, Motivation Comments: 0

Local South Florida athletes, we are very excited to announce that starting May 2nd we will now have Group Training options for out local (Amazing) Triathlete community. Hands in the Air, say YEAH!! For all the details, visit: https://www.teamsoulsports.com/product/soul-squad/ Tip: do you know that by training with a group...

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