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? Are you racing the full 140.6 miles of an IRONMAN Triathlon?

?As an Age Group athlete, here are FIVE ways to properly execute a great IRONMAN race day. ?

✅ 1) Swim: smooth and steady. A good goal is to keep your heart rate under control and use just a small amount of energy over the 2.4 miles. Draft when you can. SIGHT. Choose to use a wetsuit when allowed- even a sleeveless or shortie suit typically leads to a faster time than no wetsuit.

✅ 2) Transition: go into transition feeling calm and in control. Be efficient in your movements. Change clothes, if needed. Use the help from volunteers- they like to help! Remember that you still have a long day ahead of you.

✅ 3) Bike: Some people will zip pass you early on. Let them pass you. You’ll see them again.

Miles 0-30: Easy miles, chill, food/drink is a priority.
Miles 30-60: Cruise, stay on top of food/drink.
Miles 60-90: It tends to get harder here. Most athletes are ready to get off the bike at this point! Stay strong. Stay on top of food/drink. Increase your effort just a bit. ?This is also where you will start passing those athletes who raced passed you at mile 3.5.
Miles 90-112: Suck it up buttercup! You are almost there! Continue to eat/drink. If you consume solids, back off of them at this point. Keep your cadence up and stay mentally strong.

✅ 4) Run: Some athletes will fly past you during the first mile. Let them go! You’ll see them again.

First Mile: Chill. Get into cruise control mode, lower your heart rate and get your adrenaline under control. Enjoy the crowd cheering for you. Eat/Drink while it’s still fresh in your mind!

*Find a pace you will not slow down from* (see below when the REAL race will actually start)

-At the aid stations, run all the way to the end of each aid station grab what you need, and then walk for up to 30 seconds. During that walk break, sing a catchy little tune or count your steps…then continue on. Use that time to access your body: What do you need? Lower HR? Food? Drink? Mental strength? This is your chance to think and do what needs to be done.

– ?Remember that the real race doesn’t start until mile 18 of the run. This is when the people around you may start to walk. Ignore them. It will hurt whether you chose to walk or run…chose to run! Continue to fuel and think about your finish line red carpet experience. SEE yourself finishing strong, smiling and feeling wonderful. Keep positive thoughts in your mind, block out the negative thoughts, and execute the last few miles with strength, determination and pride that you raced your BEST.

✅ 5) Finish Line: Enjoy the red carpet!! High five the crowd. Remember to SMILE. Find your family. Give your kids and support crew a big ol’ kiss and remember to say THANK YOU. Cross that finish line happy, proud and knowing that YOU just accomplished a feat many will never even attempt.

? YOU are now an IRONMAN ?

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