By: Nicole Boger On: May 11, 2019 In: Blog Post, Education Comments: 0

Want to add 30-45 minutes of time to your busy week, and run faster off the bike?

It’s as simple as adding a 10-15 minute brick every time you ride AND/ WHILE eliminating a typical stand alone run session.

Most athletes are juggling life, training, work, kids, spouse, pets (they are family too!!), and often times there just isn’t “enough time in the week” to do it all.

However, by simply adding in 10 mins of a brick run after each bike session, we are accruing overall run duration and intensity. Depending on your training session goals, the bricks can be “easy”, or they can be harder interval bricks.

Benefits = training your legs (and your mind) to run off the bike, adding in overall run time and frequency to your week, and having the potential to eliminate a stand alone run.

A typical week may look like this:
Monday = Recovery Swim 
Tuesday = Interval Bike + Harder 10 mins Brick
Wednesday = Interval Run 
Thursday = Easier Bike + Easier 15 mins Brick
Friday = Harder Swim
Saturday = Long Run
Sunday = Long Ride + Short Easier Brick

With this week, the athlete is running FIVE times (run frequency is a key to run success) but is not compunding higher rates of injury with the bricks as they would with five stand alone longer run sessions PLUS, most athletes will have a higher rate of turnover off the bike, which equals a lighter on the ground/ faster run.

Add bricks = more time in your week + better overall run times. Win / Win. 

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