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Tips and Tricks to be successful for race day transitions.

Today’s topic is all about Transitions. To keep transitions quick and smooth, it’s good to practice a set routine. You do the same routine each and every time.

>> We like to start with the most important….helmet ON and BUCKLED. <<

From there, it’s more of a personal preference of what you like to do.

Set up a mock transition area and run through it slow speed, then quarter speed, then half speed, then fast speed. Do the same order of events each and every time.

*If you wear socks, roll them down so you can easily place your toes inside the very end of the sock, then place the socks inside your shoes.

* Place your bike gear in front of your run gear on your transition mat. This will eliminate you having to reach over items you don’t need.

* Place your run belt, nutrition, run sunglasses inside your run hat. Just grab the hat…and go.

* Pack a very small bag only carrying what you will need for the actual race. Leave the rest in your car or hand off to a sherpa friend.

* Do not tie a ballon to the rack, or bring a large foot rinse bucket into transition (nope…just don’t do it).

* To rinse your feet off, bring a small extra water bottle with a squeeze top.

* Remember…even when the race is done, if you are ON your bike- you MUST have your helmet on and buckled.

* Use landmarks to note where your spot in transition is. This is especially helpful in larger races or where there are no numbers on the racks.

* Practice transitions once a week. Things such as bike skills and drills, and transitions can take place during your recovery days. You will never know the importance of a solid transition until you lose a spot by just a few seconds…even though you swam, biked, and ran as hard as you could!

Fast and efficient transitions come down to practice, practice, practice.

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