By: Nicole Boger On: November 09, 2017 In: Education Comments: 0

Does your left arm look like this while swimming?

Today let’s chat about how to remove Crossover while swimming.

If your hand crosses the center line in front of your stroke, it can disrupt your catch, cause you to “snake” down the pool/open water, increase rate of shoulder injury, and increase your drag. 

How do we fix it? Any swim technique problem can be corrected multiple ways, depending on the swimmer. If the swimmer is fundamentally sound and with a good body roll, a simple focus on entering the hands wider can work. Think: if looking at a clock face, enter the hands at 10 & 2 o’clock. This cue can work for some swimmers. HOWEVER, if this cue presents with an overly flat swimmer, change the cue to be “swim with your shoulders back and chest forward”- this simple cue will often correct crossover and present better body alignment.

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