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Recovery vs Rest. Does this sound like YOU?


~As triathlon and endurance sports become year round events, many athletes want to compress more and more events into the same amount of time.


*Many athletes continually think that MORE is BETTER.*


Sometimes it is…most times it is not.


Longer distances such as the Ironman or Marathon distances require the proper amount of RECOVERY to grow and adapt your Energy & your Muscular systems. This recovery phase is often longer than the athlete wishes.


For the *average age group athlete*, the 2-4 weeks post long distance event are a critical time for recovery. Changes happen to your body that you can’t see- inflammation of cellular tissues, a catabolic breakdown of muscle tissue, a reduction in Iron levels, an increase in cortisol levels and a decrease in immunity are just a few of those responses.


On the outside you are feeling great, then a month down the road, the cumulative effects start to catch up with you and you may see:


~Prolonged recovery needed from training sessions
~Decreased strength & endurance
~Increased HR
~Poor SLEEP (most athletes think more exercise will lead to better sleep…and it does EXCEPT when you are in a heavy training block or recovery block post event)
~Always feeling tired
~Reduction in exercise capacity (Coach tells you to “sprint” and you can barely jog)
~Mood Changes
~Increased colds
~A desire to “throw in the towel” and just be done with it.


Those are ALL Red Flags to watch out for.


As you head into a transition or out-season, be sure to listen to your Coach and recover & rest- and you will come back a stronger, healthier athlete ready to start a new season.

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