By: Nicole Boger On: May 03, 2016 In: Education Comments: 0

Ok! On the count of 3, everybody JUMP!

As Triathletes, we often know how fast we are running or biking without using our watches. We can then pace ourselves accordingly. But unless you come from a competitive swim background, most Triathletes have no idea how fast they are swimming on any given interval. To change that: use the pace clock. Swim 50- 100 yards easy, steady, mod-hard, hard, max. Note the time on the clock and feel the effort it took to swim that pace. Then when Coach says “Swim 150 yds on 2:45 minutes,” you’ll know exactly how much effort you’ll need to make that interval. It’ll take practice, but it’s a skill that goes from the pool straight to the race day.

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